Membership Details

Who can become Members?
  • Partnership Firms
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Organiaations
  • Companies
  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Societies
  • Student from educational Institutions pursuing studies related to Organic Agriculture.

What benefits will be given to the members
  1. Expert guidance and one-to one advise on organic regulatory issues relating to business
  2. Exclusive market tools and directory listing to increase visibility with current and potential customers and suppliers
  3. Access to AIOI’s key media relationships, proactive outreach strategies and fast and effective crisis communications
  4. Access the latest AIOI’s market research to develop business strategy
Membership Categories
  1. Regular member: Any Organization engaged in trade of organic products and having a GST registration can become a member. Only regular members will have voting rights and are eligible for all benefits of being a member.
  2. Associate Member: Any organization involved in Organic trade or is a supplier of products / services to Organic trade can become a member. Need to have a valid GST number/registration. Associate members can be input suppliers, laboratories, consultancy firms etc. This is a great forum to network with the Industry members.
    Organizations can nominate specific persons to represent them
  3. Student Members
Membership Fees
Regular Members:

Rs 25000 Initial admission fees

Annual subscription for first 2 years
Annual subscription fee from the 3rd year onwards will be based on the revenues of the organic business

  • Less than Rs 10 Crores – Rs 50000
  • Rs 10 Crores to less than Rs 30 Crores – Rs 100,000
  • Rs 30 Crores to less than Rs  50 Crores – Rs 200,000
  • Rs 50 Crores and above – Rs 300,000
Associate Members:
  • Rs 10000 initial admission fees
  • Rs 10000 annual subscription fees
Student Members:
  • Rs 100 initial admission fees
  • Rs 1000 annual subscription fees