This is the tale of India’s Largest Organic Company, Ambrosia Organic Farm, and How it broke all the barriers and became a no-brainer.

Goa-established Ambrosia Organic farm is well-known for its high-quality products and forerunner’s attitude in the market. India’s First Largest company has strong man powers of more than 4000 employees. With more than two thousand products, Ambrosia Organic Farm has an inspirational story as its accomplishments.

1993- A Revolution

Resolving the crisis of the farming community in India was post-Green Revolution; British Couple David Gower and his wife Michaela Kelemen stepped ahead, registering India’s First Organic Company.

Establishing Ambrosia Organic Farm in 1993, the pair revolutionized the industry with the vision to transform the organic farming sector in India.

Growing their business, they enrolled a 16-year-old passionate and determined boy named Janardan Khorate, later famed as the ‘saladbaba.’

2008- A Pivotal

In 2008, Looking at the Janardan diligence, The couple handover the Ambrosia Organic Farm empire to him.At that moment, Ambrosia Organic Farm began with a modest investment of Rs. 10 Lakhs. Still, with consistent approaches and strong willpower, it has surpassed the astonishing milestone of Rs—50 Crores as a Bootstrap.

There has been no outside funding or investment, making this a true testimonial to the Ambrosia team’s passion and dedication.

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