After Brexit,UK will  leave the EU, imports from the EU, EEA and Switzerland will continue as they are until the end of the implementation period on the 31st December 2020.

Importing products from these countries will not require any checks at point of entry, unless there is a specific risk identified with a particular ingredient (see more on importing high risk foods here). There will be no need for Certificates of Inspection (CoIs) or other additional paperwork to be completed on these imports until 2021.

HoweverArrangements for imports of organic products from third countries2 will also remain unchanged until the end of the implementation period.

The UK will continue to recognise products from all 13 EU approved third countries and from other third countries where certifiers are approved in Annex IV of the EU organic regulation1.   

CBs and the exporter should continue to use the TRACES NT system to generate import documents until the end of the implementation period.

After the implementation period Organic import arrangement after December 31st 2020 will be determined by further equivalence agreements agreed during the implementation period. Depending on the outcome of those agreements, importers may be required to:

Third country exporters willneed this new UK paper based Certificate of Inspection (COI), and will need to be endorsed by the exporters certification body. As with all COI’s this will need to accompany the consignment to the port of entry in the UK. If the COI does not accompany the consignment you must ensure it is at the port of entry when the consignment arrives in the UK ready for the UK Port Health Authority to check and sign the paperwork.