IFOAM – Organics International has endorsed four new standards as organic for inclusion in the IFOAM Family of Standards. The newly included standards are:

ASEAN Organic Federation, Southeast Asia. The ASOA was developed by the Expert Working Group for Organic Agriculture of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The purpose of the ASOA is to provide a basis for organic trade and mutual recognition arrangements in the ASEAN region and it is foreseen that other standards from the region will align themselves to the ASOA.

Certification Alliance Organic Standard, Asia. The Certification Alliance is a collaborative platform for organic certification bodies in the Asia region. The Certification Alliance Organic Standard was developed as a common standard for use by partners of the alliance that is based in the ASEAN member states. It is a private organic standard and it is aligned to the ASEAN Standard for Organic Agriculture (ASOA).

Earth Tag Organic Standard, Malaysia. The Earth Tag Organic Standard belongs to a private certification program and brand – the Earth Tag Seal – managed by KEAN BENG LEE Industries.

FENAB Standard, Senegal. The FENAB Standard was developed by the National Federation for Organic Agriculture in Senegal and it is the first private standard from West Africa that has been included in the Family.Source: IFOAM  April 2020