The traditional coffee farmers of Anchunad at Marayur in Idukki, Kerala are reaping the benefits of organic farming, with a kg of berry (coffee fruit) fetching over ₹50 this year.Tribespeople and other farmers traditionally follow organic coffee farming in the Anchunad valley. Coffee is mainly cultivated at Kanthalloor, Keezhanthoor, Kulachivayal, and Vettukad and marketed as Keezhanthoor coffee.

Kumaravel, a farmer who owns two acres of coffee at Keezhanthoor, says there are around 200 traditional coffee farmers at Keezhanthoor. Keezhanthoor coffee, an Arabica variety, is famous for its taste and aroma. This year, farmers received better income from coffee, he says.

“The Manarcadu Social Service Society and other vendors are ready to buy coffee fruit. Last year, the price of coffee fruit was ₹25 to ₹35 a kg and this year farmers got ₹50 for a kg,” says Mr. Kumaravel.

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