Association of Indian Organic Industry (AIOI)

Know About AIOI – Association of Indian Organic Industry(AIOI) is a nonprofit organization registered under Section 25 of the Companies act ,1956 with members from different section of organic industry such as Exporters, importers, Traders and others involved in organic sector.

Aim of AIOI

  • Work actively in organic advocacy with policymakers, organize an annual Conference, and meetings with governmental agencies and participate in different trade promotion events . 
    Intend to actively take part in shaping policies to protect and improve organic practices.
  • To facilitate international organic trade .. AIOI will facilitate solutions with all trading partners to allow unrestricted trade on organic products without sacrificing oversight and compliance. Healthy exports will improve the ability of Indian organic producers to be profitable and to grow, and will provide more markets for the organic industry.
    Educate the media and consumers about organic practices and benefits. This includes having an expansive social media presence, as well as actively engaging with the press to share facts about organic methods, benefits, and milestones.
  • Create and provide to valuable resources
  • Develop directories for the industry

Broad objectives of the Association -AIOI

  • Work actively in organic advocacy with policy makers in market development & research
  • Conduct workshops, training and other knowledge sharing activities to protect and improve organic practices
  • Facilitate solutions with all trading partners to allow unrestricted trade on organic products without compromising on standards and compliance.
  • Create and provide valuable resources
  • Conduct market surveys and develop directories for the industry.

Code of Ethics

All AIOI members must sign a Code of Ethics agreement when applying for membership.

The AIOI Code of Ethics will be a statement of the common values of this Association.  Its purpose is to guide us in the decisions we make as businesses and individuals and to assist us with our responsibilities to the principles of organic agriculture and ethical business practices. 

If there are legal or other restrictions that prohibit an AIOI Associate Member (non-voting) from signing the form, a signed statement declaring your agreement with AIOI Core Values and the intentions expressed by the Code of Ethics, and the constraints imposed on you must be sent with your membership application. 

Proposed Role of AIOI in Next 10 Years

For organic to reach its full potential, AIOI will play an indispensable role in navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead. AIOI efforts will:

  • Create a unified and impactful voice for the organic industry.
  • Empower the membership to remove barriers and provide access across the value chain.
  • Uphold and advance robust organic standards across the country.
  • Build infrastructures which cooperatively support the growth of organic.